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Oleyada is a bilingual (English/Spanish) indie-pop artist from Mississauga, Canada. She works alongside producer Mathew Fantini creating a dreamy rock-tinged sound that complements her soft, airy vocals and infectious pop melodies. Her music has been featured on CBC's television series Strays and Workin' Moms. She has most recently performed at the Wavelength Festival, Mississauga Music Week, and on the Lemmon Stage. 


Press Kit

OLEYADA - Dig Yourself (Live from Kariya Park)

"Oleyada does a great job at transporting us right to the inky and restless inner workings of her mind with this track. As you listen to “So Done!” you imagine what it feels like to be trapped in a weird, stagnant, and unfulfilling moment"


Samantha Lavignasse


Vince DeGiorgio

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